We love crafting coffee for the community we love.

Burien Press is a local and independent speciality coffee shop that has been in Burien's Town Square neighborhood since 2009. We serve coffee roasted by Olympia Coffee Roasting Company with milk from local dairies, pastries from some of the best bakeries around the metro, and goods from some of the most delicious purveyors we can find. Our goal is to be a place where local community can thrive, people can be introduced to the world of speciality coffee, and people can working on building whatever they are passionate about. We love to craft coffee for the community we love because we believe it can change the world.

In 2014 we began thinking about a new kind of project and something that would change how approached business and building community in our coffee shop. In 2016 that project began to take form and we looked at expanding our company as a group of people that pursued empowering and benefiting everyone that came into contact with any part of what we are doing. We created Wendland & Co. in 2016 with the idea that we can use coffee to impact everyone from farmers who are literally transforming their communities, to ethical dairy farmers, to vendors that pay their employers thriving wages, and to our very own staff who we work to empower with the right tools and jobs that enable them pursue their passions, and every guest that comes into our shops by providing belonging and a space to work on whatever they are passionate about. We intention is to continue to create more jobs and more centers for community while acting as a canvas for people to create possibilities.